Uniformed security officers are employed by Walkers to protect a wide variety of commercial and industrial sites in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Locations range from office buildings, construction sites and shopping centres, to businesses, residential developments, factories, oil and gas refineries, heavy industry, mining, laboratories, seaports and harbors, airports, banks, museums, art galleries, and infrastructure.

Our full range of security guarding services for includes:

  • Patrol officers—to patrol and search premises and grounds for suspicious individuals, vehicles or materials and to carry out frequent security and fire alarm assessments;
  • Internal security guards to safeguard restricted areas and equipment inside your premises;
  • Receptionists and concierges to screen visitors on entry and exit, to monitor and direct inbound phone calls and to respond to security alarm and security systems;
  • Parking Security —to check all vehicles for identification and access permits on entry to and exit from parking areas.


In addition, Walkers can supply timely, appropriate security teams for traffic and access management, personal protection, and crowd control at trade shows, rock concerts and other short-term public events.