Providing reliable security services for health care facilities has been a Walkers specialty for over 20 years. When lives are at stake, nothing less will do. Our security officers receive from 40 to 120 hours of specialized training to IAHSS standards to fit them for deployment in hospital settings. They have the judgment, sensitivity and know-how to respond quickly and firmly, with intelligence and compassion, to the many emergencies that can arise in health care.

Our two decades of service to the health care sector in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have given us unparalleled familiarity with locations, facilities, and operational teams in hospitals across the region.  Our concentration on the provision of bilingual personnel means that patients, visitors and caregivers alike have the comfort of receiving service in the official language of their choice in times of stress.

Our collaborative, consultative style of supervision and management includes the full-time on-site placement of senior shift supervisors to oversee Walkers personnel and to provide instant, cooperative response to the requirements of medical and administrative staff. These supervisors, in turn, have round-the-clock access to senior head-office backup should the need arise.