In addition to our core specialties, Walkers is proud to offer a full range of additional security services as required. These include:

Highway and Road Signalers

Walkers provides trained flagmen and crossing guards, along with all necessary equipment for the job including – but not limited to – road signs, fluorescent vests, signals and radios.

Mobile Patrols

After hours and on weekends or holidays Walkers Security visits protected sites on a regular basis. Our presence in the vicinity of a client’s business reduces any risk of breaking and entering and ensures that unusual occurrences will not go unnoticed.

Video Monitoring and Alarm Response

Throughout the Maritimes, Walkers provides alarm response to companies and site locations. Once called to a site, security officers will assess the situation and remain there until the site is deemed secure.

Security in labor relations

Trained security personnel can help to maintain order in the context of labor relations.

Guard Escort and Personal Security Services

When individuals are exposed to situations of potential risk, Walkers can escort them to a work site or other destination. For example, our guards will provide surveillance of the surrounding area while technicians are occupied in servicing or repairing ATMs.


As required, Walkers will provide confidential referrals to experienced, licensed investigators to assist in cases of suspected fraud, compliance violations, civil/criminal/domestic case preparation and general private investigations.