In business for over forty years, Walkers Security prides itself on quality service.  Since incorporation in 1973, we have provided continuous security and investigative services in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Our company offers a wide range of security services that combine traditional techniques with state-of-the-art technology.  Our goal is to provide our clientele with integrated solutions to handle all security-related issues.  Our strategic intent is to keep fully abreast of advances in the security field. We recognize the importance of looking forward as a company while maintaining a strong background in skills, experience and resources.

Our head office is in Moncton and we maintain offices in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, enabling us to reinvest in the provinces that have supported us over the years.

Excellent service to our clients is backed by positive relationships based on regular personal contact between Walkers management and the people whom we serve. When questions arise, we urge clients to contact our head office for immediate, locally knowledgeable, executive response. We have successfully maintained our niche in the security market by guaranteeing a high level of reliable service through hands-on personal involvement tailored to local needs.  In this highly competitive market we will continue to provide honest and reliable service to all of our customers.  We will continue to offer this service at a reasonable cost while maintaining our high standards of service at both the operational and administrative levels.